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Businesses are becoming leaner and commercial organizations are turning cognitive due to digital transformation. RevoAV is an ardent business enabler for corporate’s, MSMEs and all B2B, B2C businesses. The potential platform is a great innovation to connect AV professional freelancers. The faster track to expressive, innovative business is just a click away with your requirement posted at RevoAV.


For Businesses

The ultimate vision at work behind Revo AV is to maximize the quantum of impact on people businesses through audio-visual techniques and cost-effective means. On our journey of great enablement in business, RevoAV has thrived to bring out a platform which connects and helps you build a fruitful, cohesive globally connected corporate and media world. The foundation of audio visual industry is exclusively on RevoAV. The platform caters to a newly discovered dimension of competition and excellence in businesses. A business should be highly expressive and branded through the means of social media and audio visual industry. RevoAV is helping all businesses to be more profitable, achieve critical operations being accomplished in the most cost-effective manner. It is also making them look supremely branded and highly presentable.

Freelancing Fraternity

AV industry is seldom explored on crossroads of commerce and common man. RevoAV is rolling out a classical initiative to allow new freelancers build the highly connected and business-driven network of professionals and businesses. It is a creative mix of innovation and skill encouragement for people willing to work remotely on dynamic requirements as a freelancer. RevoAV encourages all sorts of audiovisual requirements and skills which may create an impact in corporate projects, media houses and digital transformation.


With Businesses

The ultimate mission of RevoAV is to build a network of highly profitable businesses that motivates cash rich operations and a healthy cash flow for businesses with freelancers. It is our endeavor achieve sky high results in the most cost effective manner. RevoAV wants to help your business with all sorts of audiovisual requirements.

With freelancers

RevoAV takes it as a challenge to promote and establish an easily available pool of AV professional expert freelancers. The niche market of the AV industry and skilled personnel should be empowered to look for all the businesses. They should create opportunities for themselves and business. With RevoAV, freelancing in the AV industry will be much more stabilized and promoted because of the contributions it can make to any business.

Frequently Asked Question

For Businesses

RevoAV is a highly simplified and comprehensive platform that connects freelancers and audiovisual industry marketers for best possible business results. Simply sign up for new business as an employer and quickly post precise requirements. Wait for freelance profiles to bid, bring down the list of available resources, review and finally higher for your critical requirement.

Paying up is very simple with RevoAV. You have to accept the work submitted by your freelancer, and the then you can simply up with convenience of numerous payment options available RevoAV. It is highly reliable, easy to use and completely safe for all employers to confidently hire AV industry experts with Revo AV.

All the work done is first subjected to the employer’s approval for a 100% satisfaction. Not even a single penny is deducted at your end until and unless you accept the project deliverables completed. However, for freelancers’ security, there is a provision to hold the agreed amount for the respective project until it is under the process of approval. It is completely based on mutual agreement of the two parties (employer and RevoAV freelancer). Although, Revoav does its best to help all resolve issues in the quickest possible turnaround time.

RevoAV is a highly integrated platform with public profiles of all freelancers. Every pattern is approved only when there is sufficient relevant information which a business might require to hire the same Freelancer resource. Visit their profiles quickly and compare on their experience and background for making the final foolproof decision.

RevoAV never compromises on freelance resource quality. Every profile that is planted on the platform is organic, and RevoAV endorses hiring of all freelancers with complete confidence in terms of quality and punctuality. There is an added process of profile verification from the RevoAV side. We focus on rigorously checking profiles before authorizing them to be RevoAV freelancers.

Even after holding the right amount once the project is submitted, there is a proper provision in the potential platform for making only the agreeable payment. All the processes of submission and payment are under RevoAV control. We ensure there is so dispute and the matters are resolved within due time limit among the concerned parties.

RevoAV is a professionally viable platform with a large community building around the audiovisual industry. We at RevoAV, provide efficient services through our trusted network.

Every freelancer is bound by a digital agreement which makes them abide by all the rules and regulations imposed by regulatory and the specific employer. All the communication and data sharing for project completion is highly secured, and there is no chance of every freelancer abide by digital agreement. It makes them abide by all the rules and regulations imposed by RevoAV and the specific employer. All the communication and data sharing for project completion is secured, and there is no chance of any compromises at an employer’s end.

For freelancers

RevoAV welcomes all audiovisual industry freelancers to showcase their skills by merely signing up to the platform. It is effortless and requires your necessary information for the employer and RevoAV.

RevoAV is a highly connected network which has multiple sharing capabilities of recommendations and ratings which you get via RevoAV projects. A well-built freelance platform is like a CV which can be sent through the click of our impressive sharing capabilities all across the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

RevoAV safeguards the rights and interest of every freelancer while they interact with employers and get into business terms. Every project that you successfully submit makes it compulsory for the employ to hold the exact amount of money which the employer is liable to pay for successful project completion.

RevoAV promotes mutual settlement of disputes in case something occurs. We help both the parties (RevoAV freelancer and the concerned employer) connect and coomunitcate on the easiest ways.

RevoAV is a rapidly growing platform which is helping businesses and freelancers connect in the audiovisual industry. The vast network enables you to access employers profile and also build conveniently for ample amount of work that stabilizes your freelance business.

There are two very convenient models for payments of freelancers. RevoAV lets you avail credit before the submission of the project. The same is settled once the employer makes the payment. Secondly, employer can directly pay for the work done through personal payments. These payments can be easily received at the RevoAV freelancer’s end. Every RevoAV eliminates the freelancer’s hassle of fetching any money which they have earned through the successful completion of the project. The amount is directly received for their satisfaction. It is incredibly convenient and can be done just with the help of one click, and it lets you get money into your bank account.

RevoAV is rapidly building a brand which will help you get business in an endorsed environment where the employer will trust you faster than ever before. Freelancing business finds hurdles of token of trust and responsibility which RevoAV is here to help you with.

RevoAV encourages project awarding on merit. Any project which is posted over RevoAV can be targeted by all freelancers. You can indiscriminately compete for projects with competitive bids and quality resolutions to employer’s problem. RevoAV welcomes you to the largest audiovisual industry freelancing platform.